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Moments Along The Way. 

Family First
Family First | Ben Davis

My family was shaped by General Benjamin O Davis Jr. - the man who raised my Dad.


He was a military pioneer, 4 Star General and leader of the Tuskegee Airman.

He also drafted the plan to desegregate the military.

His Father before him was General Benjamin O Davis, Sr - America's 1st Black General 

I live under the principles they taught me.  And work to keep my family legacy alive.

I'm a 5th Generation leader through diversity 

Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr.- "Destined to Lead"

Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr.- "Destined to Lead"

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College Cheerleader
College Cheerleader

As a kid I always thought I'd walk on and play big time college football.


It never happened.


A friend encouraged me to try out for the Syracuse U Cheer team. I had no idea what that even meant, but gave it a shot.

This experience helped me understand gender, assumptions, and bias.  Years later I did I TEDx talk on it. 

Good news - I didn't drop anyone. 

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Quincy's Final Interns

Im from Bridgeport, CT. A couple of neighborhood friends helped me score an internship in LA my last Summer before graduation.

I worked under Kairi and Jay Brown, at Warner Brothers\Quest Records\QDE, Quincy Jones' label.  They taught me how to hustle.

Mr. Jones would always talk to me about reputations - and why they matter so much. 

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Driving the Wienermobile

I wanted to work in music after college, but they're were no opportunities.


I took a job I found in my campus career center.  I was hired by Oscar Mayer to drive the Wienermobile.  


And spent 400 days on the road - touring through the 48 continental.

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B Spears
Britney Spears Tour

I scored an interview to be an Asst. tour manager.

I got the job!


I flew out and joined the Britney Spears   "...One More Time"  Tour.

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The Hilfigers

On tour, I met the Hilfiger family.


I began helping align the Tommy brand with musical artists.

They became my mentors and taught me how to be a better businessman.


After Tommy helped me with the formula, I went on my own to create. 

Before social media was a 'thing' I created an online/offlne community.

250k people came. 

I also started a marketing company, off the bench.


Where I helped talent, brands & ideas connect.

Magic Johnson

5 years into my journey as a business owner, I got a call from Magic's office.


He was starting a new company and was looking for a President.  


I was hired and a new journey began.

Red C
RedCarpets for Everyone

After Magic, I saw a market opportunity.


There was no brand of Red Carpet in the marketplace.


So I created one.


Now, ten years later, is the leading event carpet company online. 

Madison Ave
Madison Ave

Madison Ave came calling. 

I joined TBWA, The Disruption Company.

I became a Chief Diversity Officer.  And created a talk show in the lobby!

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5th Ave
5th Avenue

5th Avenue was the next chapter. 

I joined Richemont, a global leader in Luxury. 

And became their first Head of Diversity & Inclusion.

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